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So, end of days came and went. I’m not surprised… I think it was the wrong message. My mind has been spinning out of control the past several weeks with all these ideas about love… to send the message that we need to spread love everywhere, one moment at a time – in the now. I’ve thought this for a long time, but never really understood until lately. All my education, life experiences, wisdom (at least as much as I’ve gained thus far, anyway) seem to be reaching a point of convergence – or perhaps a point of interconnectedness that I am recognizing. So I’m typing and writing and drawing trying to get all my ideas captured before I lose them. J.K. Rowling did it that way – and right now that story (the story of her journey to write the books, not the books themselves) mesmerizes me, for what I perceive within it.

Life is about stories and sharing…about mind, body, spirit… about the magic of unconditional love and all its power… and about being. So like I said – end of days came and went. Definitely the wrong message, as far as I can tell.

What stories do you most treasure? Are they interwined with love? Do you pass them along, imbued with your love? When others tell you their stories, do you perceive their love and share yours? Does your love express, meld, become greater and stronger? Is all this love unconditional?

Here’s what I think: love feeds the life force that creates, energizes and unites us. There’s certainly a lot of us created… I’m not sure enough of us are energized and united, though.  Not yet, anyway….


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