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♥ the winds of change

The universe communicates with us through whispering winds of change… wise are we who hear its song with open hearts and curious minds and embrace new journeys toward interconnectedness of mind-body-soul-life energies that yearn for cosmic consciousness and living fully present in the moment, where love flows strongest and most resplendently… leading us to our destiny.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself, listen to yourself, love yourself… and free yourself to soar far and wide wherever your winds may take you. The cosmos of endless possibilities is at your fingertips…


♥ let your #soul shine brightly and guide you

Lately, I’ve been intensely pondering the interconnectedness of mind, body, soul and life. These thoughts have accompanied me for most of my life, and shaped many of my personal – and professional – values and belief systems, leading me to believe that love is ultimately what matters most in life.

Today in particular, I’ve been thinking about soul and how it communicates through dreams. As children, we live in a world of realimagination – the interconnectedness of reality + imagination, freed by the power of our childhood curiosity – filled with endless love and the unfettered energy of our dreams. As we mature, we chase… or learn to change… maybe temper or release… and sometimes even destroy those dreams, for ourselves or for others. I can’t help but recall the countless times I’ve heard others openly (or secretly!) praise others for being crazy, daring, bold… strong enough to chase their dreams… regardless of the support or opposition of others.


Our universe is vast… expansive… tremendous and well beyond our (current) abilities to know and understand it.  Mysteries abound; beauty is all around us; love flows freely… and we are each of us as interconnected with it as it is with us.

So listen to your soul… carefully.  It speaks a different language than you’re used to, and you will need patience, dedication and practice to learn it.  You knew (or know?☺) it as a child; you can (re)learn it as an adult. Just remember one thing:

The universe is full of wondrous dreams for all of us, so dream often, dream big… 
and fill your soul with love so it shines brightly to guide you.


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