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Pop culture phenomenon Lady Gaga’s hit song Born This Way coveys an oft-repeated (but less than oft-embraced) message:  love yourself.  Her simplistic yet catchy lyrics go a tad further though, enticing us to celebrate being born this way.  Are we?  Really?

For some elements of life, sure:  eye color, height, race, instincts, intrinsic motivation, etc.  Maybe not others, though:  weight, strength, negative thinking, belief systems, psychosocial development etc.  Ultimately all are impacted – directly or indirectly – by our attitude.  We should (must?) tune our attitudes so we are embrace our goodness, discard (or change!) the bad, and learn to love ourselves fully and unconditionally… for whoever we are… and whoever we wish to become.

What do you think?  Do you like what you see in the mirror?  Do you celebrate your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses, and weaken your self-imposed chains?  Do you love yourself fully and unconditionally?


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